Ambassadors help us promote the 2020-21 G3MS competition in their own communities and circles. We will provide you with all the necessary ideas, flyers, graphics, and texts to make your job easy!

We expect ambassadors to be committed and proactive. All ambassadors who bring in at least five participants will be recognized on the team page on our website.

In addition, the ambassador who brings in the most number of participants will be promoted to the position of Outreach Director for the next competition cycle. The Outreach Director will be a part of G3MS's core leadership team and play a very significant role in our growth and operations—that's why we want the most dedicated ambassador!

We will determine the number of participants you have brought in based on 1) the number of participants from your school and 2) the number of participants who listed you as the ambassador in their submission form.

Feel free to hit us up with any questions. We can't wait to welcome our future Outreach Director to the team! Good luck!