1. Choose a scientific topic that interests you.

Check out this, this, and this list for inspiration.

  • Your topic can be broad (What causes a black hole?) or more specific (How can luminous cells from jellyfish be used to diagnose cancer?). Any science-related topic is allowed as long as it can be adequately summarized in three minutes or less.​ A couple more examples: Why are honey bee colonies weakening and what can be done about it? Can peridotite mining be an effective solution to global warming?

  • 2. Prepare a three minute speech about your topic.

This speech can be structured any way you want. A couple suggestions for points to include:

  1. A discussion of a study related to your topic. Talk about the research methods, the actual data and findings, and the significance of those findings.
  2. How your topic relates to the larger picture. What is its significance?

Visual aids (pictures, graphs) are optional. Please use them only if they are necessary to the audience's understanding. Special video effects are not permitted.

  • Your speech should be understandable by the general public. Avoid excessive use of jargon and explain terminology you feel a civilian would not know.

Organize your speech wisely; three minutes is not a lot of time! A speech that hits less points but discusses them thoroughly is better than a speech that hits more points but rushes through each one.

3. Give your speech to a camera.

Video cuts are not permitted. Your entire video should be in one take.

  • You will also be judged for your presentation skills. Please make sure the upper half of your body is visible in the video. Points will be given for effective use of body language, tone of voice, and perceptual dominance.

Points will be docked for significant background noise or unintelligible audio quality.

  • Points will not be docked for influent English, as long as your ideas are conveyed clearly.

4. Submit your video before 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on January 31st, 2020.

Click here to submit.

  • *If you are unable to access Youtube due to censorship restrictions, do not fill out the form above. Instead, click here for further instructions.