May 8th, 2022

As we progress through the pandemic, we all have experienced countless changes in our lives as we adapt and grow. Even as we slowly return to normalcy, the power of virtual connections and networks are undeniable. For the past three years, the Girls-Three Minute Science Competition has given girls from all around the world a virtual platform to share their scientific endeavors.

We are glad to announce the winners of the 2021-2022 Girls Three-Minute Science Competition. Congratulations to not only our winners, but also all our participatnts! Each submission demonstrates the fiery passion of the participants, and we were thoroughly impressed by the scientific knowledge and professionalism of these videos. Although these final decisions were difficult to make, upon careful consideration, our qualified judges have selected the winners which you can view in their videos below.

We hope that, through this competition, you all have learned something new. Take what you have learned and apply it to the next steps of your exploration. Keep following your passions and interests, and we look forward to seeing how the passion of women in STEM develops!

Until next time,

The Girls Three-Minute Science Team

First Place: Jaimie Nguyen, 15

The Healing Power of Music

Second Place: Khadija Balakishiyeva, 16

Wormholes & Time Machines

Third Place: Holly Harwood, 16

Nut Allergies: Why are they rising?

Finalist (Best Delivery): Sanika Datar, 13

Affect Of Caffeine On Your Brain

Finalist (Most Creative): Sofia Hernandez Gonzalez, 15

A treatment for cancer smaller than the with of our hair?

Finalist (Most Inspirational): Grace Kaprielian, 17

Clean Meat: A Long Term Solution

Finalist (Most Passionate): Shreya Arunkumar, 15